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Intervention Specialist In Chicago For Teens and Families

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While our primary focus is assisting teenagers, we also extend our services to young adults. Whether it’s mental health challenges or learning disabilities, we’re here to provide:


Adolescent Interventions And Transports

Guiding and supporting families in transitioning their loved ones into treatment facilities.

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Young adult interventions and companion services

Young adult interventions and companion services

Offering support and companionship during the intervention process and beyond.

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Understanding the Youth Mental Health and Addiction Crisis in Chicago

Chicago, a bustling metropolis known for its vibrant culture and historical significance, is currently grappling with a growing crisis: the mental health and addiction struggles among its youth. This issue is alarming and demands urgent attention and action from communities, healthcare professionals, and policymakers.

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The Scope of the Crisis:

Recent statistics highlight the severity of this issue. According to a report from the Chicago Department of Public Health, there has been a significant increase in the number of young people experiencing mental health disorders.

Approximately one in five adolescents in Chicago has a diagnosable mental health condition, with anxiety and depression being the most prevalent. Moreover, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that there has been a noticeable uptick in substance abuse among teenagers in the city, correlating closely with the rise in mental health issues.

Contributing Factors:

Several factors contribute to this crisis. One major factor is the high stress and pressure young people face today. Academic demands, social media influence, and economic instability create an environment where stress can quickly escalate into more serious mental health issues. Additionally, many communities in Chicago are affected by poverty, violence, and lack of access to quality education and healthcare, which exacerbate the challenges faced by young people.

Practical Solutions for Parents:

  1. Open Communication: Foster an environment of trust and open dialogue where your teen feels comfortable discussing their emotions and struggles without fear of judgment.
  2. Education: Equip yourself with knowledge about the signs and risks of addiction and mental health issues. Understanding these topics will help you recognize and address them effectively.
  3. Set Clear Boundaries: Establish substance use, screen time, and social media usage rules. Consistent and firm boundaries can help prevent excessive self-medication behaviors.
  4. Monitor Social Media: Monitor your teen’s online activities. While respecting their privacy, be aware of any concerning content or interactions that could indicate distress.
  5. Encourage Healthy Coping Mechanisms: Teach your teen healthy ways to cope with stress, such as exercise, hobbies, mindfulness, or creative outlets.
  6. Seek Professional Help: If you suspect your teen is struggling with mental health issues or addiction, don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance. A therapist or counselor can provide invaluable support and resources tailored to your teen’s needs.

Addressing the youth mental health and addiction crisis in Chicago requires a multifaceted approach. Increasing access to mental health services, reducing stigma, and providing comprehensive support systems are essential steps. Schools, community organizations, and healthcare providers must collaborate to create environments where young people feel safe and supported in seeking help.

Additionally, continued efforts to address socioeconomic disparities and improve community safety will be vital in mitigating the factors contributing to this crisis. By fostering a supportive and inclusive community, Chicago can create a healthier future for its youth.

In conclusion, while the youth mental health and addiction crisis in Chicago is a formidable challenge, it is not insurmountable. With the dedication of intervention specialists like those at Assisted Interventions Inc. and a collective effort from all sectors of society, there is hope for a brighter, healthier future for the city’s young people.

Why Choose Assisted Interventions Inc.:

Guiding Teens & Young Adults to Brighter Tomorrows:


  • Specializing in Intervention Strategies for Teens & Young Adults
  • Dedicated Team for Adolescent Mental Health and Sobriety
  • Tailored Support for Each Individual’s Journey.
  • Providing Ongoing Care Throughout the Intervention Process



Joe and his team made what was for me the most anxiety provoking part of this process, the most seamless, nurturing supportive experience. Joe always either took my calls ...returned texts with a reassuring confident manner, or let me know when he was available to speak. Sherman and Richard were patient, yet firm with my son (who I thought was going to be explosive and difficult) and kept me up to date throughout the transport. If not for them and their gentle guidance, this could have been a disaster.”

- February 2022

"Sherman and Richard helped us through one of the most difficult day of our lives. They were kind and calming and kept our son safe and calm throughout a very long journey. ....They updated us regularly and responded to our texts and calls immediately. Our son did not want to leave them at the end of his journey to Wilderness camp, and I suspect when he gets home he will want to get in touch with them. Clinton also prepared us in advance. He and his staff could not be more professional and kind. I am eternally grateful for the help they provided us on that highly stressful day.”

- November 2021

“We were terrified about letting two strangers take our son to Wilderness Therapy far away. We initially spoke with Clinton, who was also wonderful at calming our fears ....and knew these two guys would be a good match for our son. We could not have been more pleased with how everything went. We worked with Jason and Leighton. Jason was the lead, and he was very calm and reassuring. He prepped us a few days before and just before entering our son's room. Our son is a 17 yr old and on the larger side for his age, we were so unsure how he would react. We entered our son's room and spoke to him for about a minute then introduced Jason and Leighton and they took it from there. We disappeared as they prepared our son to go. It went very quickly and smoothly much to our surprise. We heard from them a couple times along the way and afterward. They were great at allaying our fears and keeping us informed. Thank you!!”

- November 2021

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