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Joseph Carroll CEO

Director of Training and Development

Joseph Carroll, a BS graduate of St. John’s University with Cum Laude honors, owned and operated an airline support services company for 35 years for which he had clearances with the FBI, TSA, the Department of Homeland Security, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and US Customs.

Joe was employed as Lead Interventionist with a major intervention and transport services firm since 2009. Throughout this period he flawlessly transported several hundred at risk adolescents and adults. He has also worked as Interventionist in a freelance capacity with private therapists and businesses addressing complex intervention needs. Joe is married with two adult children. His wife is a full-time Teaching Assistant in a local public middle school, working with children within the Special Education program.

His oldest daughter is a practicing Speech Language Pathologist, working with early intervention children in a school for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Joe’s youngest daughter is an RN, working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for a nationally recognized children’s hospital specializing in pediatric care.


Joe and his team made what was for me the most anxiety provoking part of this process, the most seamless, nurturing supportive experience. Joe always either took my calls ...returned texts with a reassuring confident manner, or let me know when he was available to speak. Sherman and Richard were patient, yet firm with my son (who I thought was going to be explosive and difficult) and kept me up to date throughout the transport. If not for them and their gentle guidance, this could have been a disaster.”

- February 2022

"Sherman and Richard helped us through one of the most difficult day of our lives. They were kind and calming and kept our son safe and calm throughout a very long journey. ....They updated us regularly and responded to our texts and calls immediately. Our son did not want to leave them at the end of his journey to Wilderness camp, and I suspect when he gets home he will want to get in touch with them. Clinton also prepared us in advance. He and his staff could not be more professional and kind. I am eternally grateful for the help they provided us on that highly stressful day.”

- November 2021

“We were terrified about letting two strangers take our son to Wilderness Therapy far away. We initially spoke with Clinton, who was also wonderful at calming our fears ....and knew these two guys would be a good match for our son. We could not have been more pleased with how everything went. We worked with Jason and Leighton. Jason was the lead, and he was very calm and reassuring. He prepped us a few days before and just before entering our son's room. Our son is a 17 yr old and on the larger side for his age, we were so unsure how he would react. We entered our son's room and spoke to him for about a minute then introduced Jason and Leighton and they took it from there. We disappeared as they prepared our son to go. It went very quickly and smoothly much to our surprise. We heard from them a couple times along the way and afterward. They were great at allaying our fears and keeping us informed. Thank you!!”

- November 2021

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